Share the Joys of Biblical Tradition
Introducing faith-based interactive books for today's families
"As an author and artist, it is my mission to
inspire families and bring them together
through faith-based interactive storytelling.

Here's to the new holiday traditions you'll create
with your children as you enjoy my books and
ornaments during Advent and the countdown
to Easter" ~ Pamela Nelson
Re-discovering Tradition
with Pamela Nelson
Family reading book

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The home of Creation to Christmas around The Jesse Tree and The Resurrection Tree: A Countdown to Easter

Creation to Christmas around The Jesse Tree

Bring Jesus’ family tree to life as your children experience the Advent like never before. Featuring 25 Christmas-themed excerpts, starting at Creation and ending with the birth of Jesus, this engaging book spotlights one short biblical story each day and includes a thought provoking scripture reference and DIY suggestions for the corresponding ornament.

The Resurrection Tree: A Countdown to Easter

Anticipate Easter in a whole new way with this two-week interactive countdown. Featuring a set of 14 ornament to be placed on a Resurrection Tree, younger children will enjoy a short story a day in the accompanying book that takes them  through Jesus’ time on earth to His resurrection, and older children and adults are encouraged to dive deeper with a conversation-stimulating scripture reference.

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Handcrafted Ornaments for Creation to Christmas around The Jesse Tree

Enjoy Pamela Nelson’s bespoke artistry with this hand crafted set of 25 ornaments to be place each day on The Jesse Tree as your family reads the accompanying chapter from her book. Featuring incredible detail and a hand carved authentic olive wood nativity scene from Bethlehem to be placed on your tree Christamas Day.

Handcrafted ornaments for The Resurrection Tree: A Countdown to Easter

Bring Jesus’ time on earth to life as your children experience Easter like never before. Featuring 14 Easter-themed excerpts, starting at  the birth of Jesus and ending with the resurrection, this complete set of ornaments compliments “The Resurrection Tree”. The ornaments include incredible detail as well as  a hand carved in Bethlehem olive wood cross.


Discovering The Jesse Tree

By taking an activity that children love — adorning advent trees– and bringing the experience to life with our faith based interactive book and accompanying handmade ornaments, you’ll create new family traditions full of memorable teaching moments.