Easter Sunday at the empty Tomb!


Our time in Jerusalem was incredible but spending Easter Sunday at the empty tomb was astonishing.

Being able to see in person so many biblical sites really put things into perspective. We came home with so many unbelievable pictures and stories. The wailing wall was sobering, the Old City and its walls were like nothing I’ve ever experienced. the view from Masada breathtaking, and the Temple Mount on Mt Moriah was astonishing, but for me, my favorite (well next to the Old City) is the picture of my boys walking the streets of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem is an enchanting city, modern in so many aspects and at the same time a step back in time. It is a city of hills ( and I feel like we climbed every one of those hills, even though we didn’t even come close to that).  Jerusalem is also, unfortunately, a city of many walls.

Personally, I always enjoy the ambiance of “the market” and Jerusalem’s Yahuda Market exceeded my expectations. There’s just something about different ethnicities pedaling their wares that makes the experience so authentic.

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