Pirate Treasure Hunt

Pirate Treasure Hunt

What could be more fun than a Pirate Treasure Hunt complete with maps, clues and actual buried treasure?

That is exactly what our family summertime trip to the beach entailed. 

We started off with “Pirate Snacks” which consisted of goldfish, Vienna sausages (peg legs), yogurt covered pretzel (dead man’s bones), gummy worms, gummy sharks and ocean blue jello jigglers. The pirate elixir was ocean blue water (without the salt of course).

From there the children were all given their pirate gear.  All dressed and transformed into miniature pirates, they then intently listened while Uncle Jim told a few pirate tales and inspired them to go on a hunt for buried treasure. The pirate map was revealed and it was off to the island to look for clues.


The official pirate map revealed and on to find clues!


The first clue was found nearby in the hat of a plaster pirate ( imagine that ).

From there we followed clues to other spots and finally found the “chord-o-nuts” hanging from a palm tree. The chord-o-nuts contained some mystery co-ordinates that were written in invisible ink (lemon juice).  Back to the condo to warm up the paper and see it the mystery ink would come to life.  

Buried Treasure Revealed!

Surprisingly enough the co-ordinates were visible and checking them on smartphones ( amazing how pirates had co-ordinates that could be deciphered with smartphones ), we followed them to a sandy hill and began digging.

Lo and behold there was a treasure box full of doubloons, fool gold necklaces and various pirate themed items.

The adults thoroughly enjoyed it just as much as the children. It will be interesting to see what new ideas we can come up with over the next year.

I’m fairly certain this will be an annual beach tradition from now on.


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