Pamela Nelson is an accomplished artist and emerging children’s book author on a mission to inspire families and bring them together through faith-based interactive storytelling.
An Iowan to her very core, Pamela has called the heart of the Midwest home since birth. She is happily married and the proud mother of five wonderful children (four of which are married with families of their own and a new addition to the family: an adopted teenage son from the Ukraine). When she doesn’t have a paintbrush in hand or a book, you can find her either cooking a unique dish, spending quality time with her loved ones, or traveling across the globe.

After years of success as an artist,Pamela felt called to become an author. What sparked

this passion was knowing that her children and grandchildren absolutely adored advent trees, but tired of the candy-filled trees year after year. Seeing that there weren’t that many options on the market to choose from, she decided to take matters into her own hands and write her very own books with an interactive twist. Ultimately, she merged her artistic side with her newfound writer side to create inspirational children’s books, “Creation to Christmas” and “The Resurrection Tree.”

In addition to authoring these books, she carefully assembled a set of ornaments to compliment the books.

Both of these engaging, family-centered publications showcase a short story per day with a thought-provoking scripture reference and a unique ornament for each story.

Moreover, “Creation to Christmas” features 25 Christmas-themed excerpts, starting at creation and ending with the birth of Jesus. “The Resurrection Tree” focuses on Easter, featuring 14 excerpts, starting with Jesus’s birth and ending with His resurrection.

With each new chapter in her books you will see her creativity and passion literally jump off the page. Once you finish your first book written by Pamela, you will be yearning to read the next.