The.30-30 is a handy deer/black bear rifle, no doubt, but research indicated that the.35 was more effective on game such as large Pennsylvania black bears. Short of custom guns, the only option you have for a new .35 Remington today is Marlin’s 336 lever action. Oct 27, 2018 The .35 Remington has been chambered in lever, pump, semiautomatic and boltaction rifles. I estimate its weight at 325 lbs. Just got a very nice Wyoming bull using a 1973 vintage Marlin 336 in.35 Remington using the 200gr Hornady Leverevolution ammo. 35 Remington - 1:16” twist rate; Adjustable semi-buckhorn folding rear sight, ramp front sight with brass bead and Wide-Scan hood. At ranges less than 100 yards, like when hunting whitetail deer or black bear in thick cover, the cartridge excels and is absolutely deadly on big game. The .35 Whelen is not the most popular of the .30-‘06s offspring, but it is a well-balanced .35 caliber cartridge; offering more velocity than the .35 Remington or .358 Winchester, yet much less recoil than the .358 Norma Magnum or .358 STA. Even when using the standard factory loads, the .35 Remington is an outstanding round for use on medium-sized game such as deer, feral hogs and black bear at short ranges. In the lever-action Marlin Model 336, the cartridge became a favorite of eastern deer and bear hunters, giving plenty of knockdown power in a compact and affordable package. Re: How is the .35 REM for Black Bears ? Here are a few great brands of.35 Remington ammo that should serve you well next time you hit the woods. Short carbines are best, guns like the Remington Model 7 and Model 673, the Winchester Featherweight, Savage’s Bear Hunter, Ruger’s outstanding new Guide Gun and Mossberg’s Scout rifle. In summary, 35 Remington is a good cartridge for big game within reasonable distances. The.25,.30,.32 Remington cartridges were loosely based on a rimless version of the.30-30 Winchester while the.35 Remington was based on a rimless version of the slightly wider bodied.30-40 Krag. He was about 120 yards away and went about 10 yards before being reduced to possession. The small following of the .35 Remington is quite unique to the U.S.

Even when using the standard factory loads, the.35 Remington is an outstanding round for use on medium sized game such as whitetail deer, feral hogs, and black bear at short ranges. I'm looking into doing a conversion of a single stack AK since they're cheapest (except for Saigas) and already single stack, which is what the mags would have to be. I would not use this beyond 200 yards, personally, but if you do your job (bullet placement), it'll do its job! There's no doubt that a 270 or .30-'06 or .35 Whelen can do the job, when bullets are placed in the forward chest cavity. The .35 Remington has proven itself for almost a century as a reliable short-range woods cartridge for medium-sized game such as deer and black bear. The .35 Remington is considered a fine round for deer, elk, black bear, and other medium and large game as long as ranges are reasonable. A lot of people underestimate the killing power of the .35 Remington.