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Walked out with a 1-B in 6.5 Creedmoor for $1k. Switch to Threaded Mode. I think its here to stay and it will become more popular as the years go by..Early on I built a 416 Ruger for a friend of mine, and it was also an awesome round, fully as good as my 416 Remington on on a Mauser action. However, my light, handy Ruger M77 Hawkeye in .375 Ruger is a walnut-­stocked rifle with a left-­hand action. They had two more of … 1's were down considerably. When I came to the Ruger rifles I noticed prices on the No. Very little case taper, a sharp 30 degree shoulder angle and a very short neck maximize powder capacity.

Switch to Hybrid Mode. Ruger's 375 alaskan questions. The .375 Ruger, designed by Hornady and Ruger to fit in standard length Ruger M77 rifle actions with standard width magazines, is based on a new, non-belted, rimless case with a standard magnum .532" rim diameter and a .532" head diameter. Out of Stock × Out of stock. Similar Ruger Forum Discussions: Thread : Thread Starter: Forum: Replies: Last Post: Ruger .375 Alaskan: Duane 4442: Ruger … I won't sell my old .375 and go buy a 375 Ruger, but if I were a newbie and looking for a .375 the Ruger would certainly be in the forefront, its a modern round and well designed. Joined: Oct 24, 2016 Messages: 126 Video/Photo: 15 Likes Received: 182 Location: North America. Factory loadings are less powerful than handloads for the cartridge. yesterday looking around at Jay's Sporting Goods. Hinterland #: 57537; MFG #: 47166; Availability. .375 Ruger 300 Grain Nosler Accubond- The .375 Ruger is a rimless, standard-length rifle cartridge designed for the hunting of large dangerous game.It is designed to provide an increase in performance over the .375 H&H cartridge, yet to be chambered in a standard length action rifle.

Ruger products are usually known for affordability, but the SR-556 is essentially a regular AR-15 albeit with a different, more complicated operating system, unlike cheaper alternatives, like the Smith & Wesson M&P Sport and Sport II model rifles, of which the original Sport model lacked a forward assist and dust cover. 1 Tropical ($1,900). Thread Tools: Show Printable Version. Ruger Hawkeye FTW Hunter Rifle 47166, 375 Ruger, 22 in Stainless BBL, Bolt Action, Lam Natural Gear Camo Stock, Stainless Finish, 3+1 Rds. $9.99 Flat-Rate Shipping. $9.99 Per Firearm One $9.99 Charge For Any Amount of Accessories Shipping Information. Has Ruger discontinued the No.1?

My Ruger No.

The .375 Remington Ultra Magnum, also known as the .375 RUM is a .375 rifle cartridge introduced by Remington Arms in 2000. Patton63 AH Veteran. The .375 Ruger uses a unique case designed by Hornady and Ruger and was released commercially in 2007. Registered Users do not see the above ad. US Source for .375 Ruger Ammo. The cartridge is intended for large and dangerous game. Email this Page.