Man, I'm trying to, Worm. How much you got left? Big Worm Ice Cream - Playing with my money is like playing with my emotions. Niggas are broke these days. Friday T-shirt 90's T-Shirt You take out your Big Worm Playing with my money is like playing with my emotions shirt. You smoking my shit? Huh? You still ain't sold that weed, Smokey? All I could muster was, ‘excuse me. You have a cell phone on which you can listen to music and connect to the Internet. Your computer works, meaning you won’t need to chase the IT guys to help you, disrupting your usual workflow. Playing With My Money is Like Playing With My Emotions by BIG WORM, released 30 October 2016 Damn, sup Big Worm? I thought I smelled or dropped some food on my shirt.

Man, I got a lot. I don't think you applying yourself, Smokey. Big Worm playing with my money like playing with my emotions shirt is available in all styles She looked me directly in the eyes and said, and I quote, ‘Such a shame you have such nice boys you’re exposing to filth.