Count On Me Lyrics: Count on me through thick and thin / A friendship that will never end / When you are weak I will be strong / Helping you to carry on / Call on me, I will be there / Don't be afraid

Call me and I'll be around. If you call, I'll be right with you. Now don't forget me, 'cause if you let me, I will always stay by you. Songteksten voor 'Don't Be Afraid To Call Me' van Marc Broussard. You and I should be together. When it seems your friends desert you, There's somebody thinking of you I'm the one who'll never hurt you Maybe that's because I love you. Call me, don't be afraid you can call me, maybe it's late but just call me.

I had a friend that used to call me all the time / Then he didn't, I don't know why / Where we went wrong / It's been too long / There's a service I can render Tell the one who loves you only I can be so warm and tender. You got to trust me, that's how it must be, there's so much I can do. CHORUS: Call me Don't be afraid, you can call me Maybe it's late, but just call me Tell me, and I'll be around.
CHORUS I will be there (When you are lost, lost in the night Nowhere to turn) I will be there (Don't be afraid, don't be afraid) I will be there (When everyone that you believed Still lets you down) I will be there (Don't be afraid, don't be afraid) Just call on me And I will ease your lonely heart Don't be afraid, don't be afraid.