Either you are fat, morbidly obese, or not fat at all. Enatic Clans - Women are superior to men politically. I'm thinking of reforming with Children of Perun for that Stability and navigable rivers combo, and Enatic clans for a nearly-all female run. I just have a few questions for other CK2 players, mostly about Enatic clans. Our domain can only grow overtime and we can develop our provinces without fear of it being lost to gavelkind. You're forced into Enatic or Enatic-Cognatic successions, but you can also pick Open Succession. [mod] [CK2] House Irae - Updated 23FEB20 Sign in to follow this . I might just go for Ancestor Worship if … This is especially a problem with succession, as Enatic Clans will choose the proper enatic succession by looking for religion_feature_matriarchal, instead of looking for a universal flag that tells the game that this is a Enatic Clans replacement. CK2 Religion Chart. SirFrancis Nov 2nd, 2018 (edited) 101 Never Not a member of Pastebin yet? You're forced into Enatic or Enatic-Cognatic successions, but you can also pick Open Succession. 1.0: Added Lilithanism as an option for Religious nature when reforming a Pagan Religion, which requires use of either Enatic Clans or Egalitarian, and cannot be chosen with Polygamy or Agnatic Clans. Enatic and Agnatic clans allow us to get open succession law which is super strong as we know from muslims. 12 - Agnatic Clans: Agnatic Law is Enforced, Allow Open Succession Law, No Female in the Council, Matrilineal Marriages are Disabled . If you're picking meritocracy mainly for the heir designation then just pick ancestor veneration, as this allows you to nominate your heir, or agnatic or enatic clans, as this allows for open succession which again is basically heir designation. Bugfixes: The Cathedral Dream should no longer repeat for Reversionist and Khadimist after those religions have been unlocked. Crusader Kings is a historical grand Turn-Based Strategy / Real-Time Strategy 4X game produced and published by Paradox Interactive. It's set chronologically before its sister series, Europa Universalis, and uses a variant of the Europa Universalis II engine. It usually doesn’t happen until your character is over 40, but can happen before if they are really indulgent. If you have the trait fat, you’re portrait will become different and you may get some events, but it will take many years before you become obese. CK2 doesn’t have a very detailed weight system. Sign Up ... 11 - Enatic Clans : Enatic Law is Enforced, No Penalty for Female Ruler, Allow Open Succession Law, No Male in the Council.