This Holy Saturday prayer can also be used when we have suffered unimaginable loss and we are desperately trying to cling to hope because it feels like God is “resting” and we cannot see that any positive changes seem to be underway. It is a threshold day, a day that lies between, and so resists any easy certainty. The stone is heavy; life's re strained and Lord you dream; a waiting resur rection when your vessel, silent coffin, will be broken, pouring chrism over dusty hearts, a nointing nations, calling us to rise a gain. And maybe this is why we gravitate most to this type of writing. (A poem for Holy Saturday) Sabbath silence rules this garden tomb: an earthen vessel, dark so inti mate. This Holy Saturday prayer can be used on Holy Saturday, which is the day before Easter. A Poem for Holy Saturday: George Herbert’s ‘Sepulchre’ Justin Taylor | April 20, 2019 . The poetry of Holy Saturday is fundamentally the work of silence, of willing but ultimately flawed expression. Children come into church to make an Easter Garden,… Song of the Day: “The Blessing” The Trinity: Explain It to Me Like I’m a 2-Year-Old Edition . Holy Saturday is not a day for answers. I think it’s a day that struggles with meaning. It focuses on the grave, but Christ's tomb is not a place of corruption, decay or defeat. It’s about waiting, in a sense.

Holy Saturday is suspended between two worlds: that of the darkness and death of Good Friday, and that of the Resurrection and restoration of the Light of Christ on Easter Sunday. Please make sure all fields are filled out. It has its own patterns and rituals that take up a little of that empty space of waiting. I’ve struggled to find a poem for today. Thank you for subscribing. Holy Saturday is essentially a day of solemn vigil, prayer and meditation. Page I came O DEATH to conquer theeAnd overcome the GraveBut thou wast tenderer to me. Holy Saturday is a strange, still day, hanging in an unresolved poise between the darkness of the day before and the light that is not yet with us. But on that first Holy Saturday, the day after they had… Share Tweet Email . Holy Saturday poem by John Bannister Tabb. It is a day of waiting, of remembering to breathe, of willing ourselves to turn to one another when grief lays hold of us. More By Justin .