I need to ask someone from my last job to be a reference. And this is important: If you … While you can choose which teachers to ask for reference letters, you probably don't have a decision to make when it comes to the counselor letter of rec. There are two people I could potentially ask, and all I have of them is their mobile numbers.

It will help if you can send them a copy of documents pertaining to your needs like details about the job or scholarship you wish to have. Choose a co-worker who has similar duties and shares your work ethic. Also, make sure you trust your co-worker to be discrete enough not tell others about your job search. Do you think it would be better to call or to text them? How to Ask for a Reference Letter. Use these tips and this template as your guide for how to ask for a letter of recommendation—even if it's not required for the jobs you're applying to—and actually get one you're proud of. If you feel you really can’t serve as a reference, say so, says Glickman. “Say, ‘I am not going to be able to give you a strong enough recommendation. Lots of students have the same counselor throughout their four years of high school. If you can’t personally make it to ask a person to be part of your academic or professional reference then you can do it through phone or email. I'ld feel more comfortable texting them but I don't know if it might be weird texting someone I haven't seen for well over a year like that. It can feel awkward at best. If you are being asked to provide a character reference (personal), some people want to know each time (so they can prepare) and some will tell you to go ahead and not ask them. He will be able to provide a more credible recommendation than someone who doesn't understand how you work or what you do. She recommends declining this way. In short, you want this email to give your contact all the details he or she needs to understand your current work and skill set, the role you’re applying to, and what you’re hoping to emphasize, as well as an easy way out if he or she’s not comfortable serving as your reference. If you’re in the position of requiring a reference from a past employer or from someone who taught you at school or university, then you need to approach them in an appropriate way. Make sure you go about this in the most polite manner possible. You’re literally reaching out to a stranger who is probably busy and not expecting someone they don’t know to ask them for help on getting a job. Want to ask one of your contacts for an impressive letter of recommendation? Ask Your Co-Worker for a Reference.