Write a review Rest of Kids Smoothies shelf Back of bottle ingredients: no.1 7 crushed strawberries 32%, no.2 half of a pressed apple, no.3 13 pressed white grapes, no.4 half of a mashed banana 20%, no.5 a slice of squeezed orange and no.6 four and a half crushed blackcurrants.

pots as well as product length in terms of different flavors which are available to consumers and that has really helped the company to maintain its market share and a protection against the current uncertainty occurred in the economic environment. The uncertainty around Brexit has led to a weakening of the pound making raw ingredients more expensive to import and this may also impact on the cost of sales, if food prices increase. We’ve come a long way from selling smoothies in West London in 1999. Spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger) Vanilla extract. According to their website Innocent Drinks make 200 million in sales each year (Innocent. Flax and chia seeds add omega-3s and protein, oats deliver healthy fiber. Unsweetened cocoa powder. That they are so dominant in the European smoothie and soft drink market and the. Innocent smoothies are made from nothing but pure, crushed fruit and juice, with absolutely no sugar added. From starting with a team of three, innocent's smoothies, fresh juices and veg pots are now some of the most easily recognisable products on our supermarket shelves. Innocent Kids Smoothies Apple & Blackcurrant 4X150ml. Innocent drinks is enjoying product width from smoothies to veg. Today, innocent’s healthy little drinks are flying off the shelves across Western Europe, we’re achieving meaty double-digit growth, and selling over £250m each year of smoothies, juices and coconut water.As you might have... New drinks, new countries, new drinkers. Front of bottle: "Innocent Smoothie Seriously Strawberry - Strawberries & Bananas". Strawberries & Banana total 52%. Our smoothies contain all the good stuff that fruit does (like fibre and vitamin C). The economic situation in the UK can impact on the sales of Innocent smoothies and juices due to their premium price and the availability of cheaper substitutes. Smoothie Ingredients to Ditch. Old-fashioned oats. Innocent smoothies are made from 100% fruit and vegetables, with botanicals or seeds added to some of the flavours such as their Uplift Super smoothie which includes flax seeds and baobab, a fruit renowned for its Vitamin C benefits. Maximum 6 promotional items per customer. Add these to boost up the nutrition even more or add to the flavor of your smoothie. Known for making juices and smoothies with minimal ingredients, the brand's new vegan milks follow suit. Buy 2 of the same, for £6. 'Top priority' Innocent Order by 02/06/2020, offer subject to availability.

Drinks 2015). Spices and extracts, like vanilla, add fun flavor. The hazelnut milk has water, salt, and organic rice, which is added to achieve a creamy consistency. Buy any 2 for £6. The almond and oat milk have just three ingredients - the only additions are water and salt. Innocent smoothie ingredients. ingredients.