£4.35. February 29th is a special, one-of-a-kind date to be born on, meaning that humoring a leapster for the celebration of their birthday also requires unique jokes. £5.00 £6.50. £14.50 £18.00. 50% Off with code PAPERSALEZAZ Leap Year Birthday Card. £9.50 £15.00. Born on Leap Year, 10 Years Old Greeting Cards (Pk. Left Handed Leap Year Mug . Personalized ... Born on Leap Year, 11 Years Old Women's Dark T-Shi. Leap Year World Records. £4.50 £5.50.

BLANK INTERIOR Birthday Card. Filter. £4.50 £5.50. £14.50 £18.00. 250 RESULTS 250 Results. £3.50. Leap Day Baby Mugs. For instance in New Zealand, the official birthday falls on February 28 in common years; in other countries like the United Kingdom, leap year babies have to wait until March 1. Once every four years, people born on Feb. 29 actually get to celebrate their birthday. Below we have compiled a brief collection of such quips that we are sure will keep the leapling smiling until their next birthday! £3.55. Born Feb 29, You're 8 Years Old Greeting Cards (Pk. Leap Year Birthday I'm 2 Greeting Cards (Pk of 10) £14.50 £18.00. £9.50 £15.00. 8@32 Greeting Card. 50% Off with code PAPERSALEZAZ Leap Year Rabbits Birthday Card. It's my leap year birthday.' Women's Plus Size Football T-Shirt. Leap Year Birthday Gifts. 50% Off with code PAPERSALEZAZ Leap Year Leapin' Lizards Birthday Card. According to the Guinness Book of Records, the only verified example of a family producing three consecutive generations born on February 29 is that of the Keogh family. "As I said it, my waters broke, so we jumped in the car and Aimee was born at 23:07. Personalized. £27.50 £34.50. £3.75. £13.50 £30.50. 50% Off with code PAPERSALEZAZ Leap Year Birthday, Pond, Lutus Flowers/Frog Card. Filter. Leap Year Rhyme Rectangle Magnet.

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Funny Leap Day Birthday Wishes (for Those Born on February 29th) Last modified: January 25, 2019 . Leap Year Birthday, You're 7 Years Old Greeting Ca. Leap Day Baby T-Shirt. This is an average of 1,788 per leap year, which ranks it the 243rd most common day to be born, in a given leap year. Leap Year Birthday Card, Two Hot Pink Flowers Card. Which, all things considered, is pretty rare.