Green boards, gilt titles to spine. B/w photographs, bibliography, pictorial end-papers. The Complete Lurcher, D. product information lurchers and longdogs : e. 10 Nov 2012 - My only companions and my abiding passion.

Revised and enlarged 2nd edition. A new organization was formed in the U.S. in 2007 to organize and register Lurchers & Longdogs for more formal competition, the North American Lurcher & Longdog Association, or NALLA.

(1977) 1978 2nd edn reprint.

Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. My much thumbed copy disappeared like a badly trained hound somewhere between France and England never to be seen again. A long dog (also long-dog or longdog) is any dog of sighthound type, whether pure-bred or not. See also Once you’re prepared, you’ll find that most lurchers and longdogs are in fact superb family friendly, easy-going, devoted companions (apart from lurcher puppies, who are actually insane). The term may also be applied to a Greyhound: 379 or other sighthound breed. It is usually a cross-breed between two sighthounds of different breeds, and is thus distinct from the lurcher, which is a cross between a sighthound and a working dog, usually a terrier or herding dog. This design is very adaptable and could equally well be stitched up as a small picture or as a big, cuddly cushion. Because lurchers are not purebreds they are not recognized by any of the major kennel clubs although the acronym HJCK serves in some circles: Hunt Jump Catch Kill. Buy Lurchers and Longdogs 2nd Revised edition by Walsh, E.G.

Lurcher owners argue about what makes lurchers different from other types of dog, if anything.

Common breeds to appear in the Longdog mix are Saluki, Greyhound, Whippet and Deerhound. Being crosses, they can be very variable in terms of appearance, ranging from small like a Whippet to large like a Deerhound. You pays your money and you takes your choice. The reason for using the term Longdog as well as Lurcher is that in keeping with the fight for a repeal we must include all the other working Longdogs, The working Whippet, the Working Lurcher, the Saluki Cross, the bull cross and the many other types of dog, purebred and crossbred that hunt by sight as well as scent. two longdogs showing their wild, uncontrollable nature.

Longdogs are usually a cross between two types of hound. LONGDOGS AND LURCHERS. See more ideas about Lurcher, Dogs and Grey hound dog. lurchers longdogs and sight hounds has 904 members.

Lurchers and Longdogs Hardcover – January 1, 1984 by E. G. Walsh (Author) However, the North American Lurcher and Longdog Association was created in 2007 to serve as a registering body for lurchers and longdogs in the United States and Canada. 8vo (158 x 241mm). (ISBN: 9780904602135) from Amazon's Book Store. The lurcher is a type of dog originating in Ireland and parts of Great Britain. Lurchers & Longdogs is the title of one of my favourite books written by EG Walsh.

The Complete Lurcher, D.Brian Plummer, Hardback bo . "In this original and thorough study, Colonel Walsh ha Please click on the NALLA links to the left for more information.