has saturated blue color which changes to a vivid saturated green with slight blue overtones under different lightning. Such brown body color is seldom seen in Malaya Garnets.

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This garnet presents a color change from brownish in daylight to a rose pink in incandescent light.

Tanzania had produced color change garnet gems but most did not display the dramatic color changes of the Madagascar garnets. 5MM x 7MM Oval Cut. In certain light, they do change color. Blue garnet has sometimes been called alexandrite garnet [1] for this reason - but note that alexandrite is a completely different mineral - a type of chrysoberyl. Color change garnet is a mix of spessartite and pyrope garnet. So when we heard of a new garnet variety, Umbalite Garnet, that had recently appeared in the market, we were excited to add a new type of garnet to our collection.But in this case, we were to be disappointed. Shape: Oval. "Umbalite" Garnet (pictured below left) is a red Malaya Garnet from Umba Valley, Tanzania. Very comfortable shopping at GemSelect! Shop with confidence.

The color change is quite intense and dramatic, surpassing that of the more expensive alexandrite. Umbalite is a trade name rather than a distinct variety of Garnet. Pictured below right is a brown Malaya Garnet from Kenya. faceted trllion cut masasi bordeaux garnet measuring 5x5 mm with a weight of 0.39 carats.

Blue garnets were unheard of until recently when they were found in Africa.

Watch. Very rare until more recent times with the deposits discovered in Madagascar, these gems had always been collector gems. $1,350.00. color change is rated at a 50-55 %.

$287.99 +$9.95 shipping. 0.90ct VERY RARE Color Change Garnet Gem Blue Green Purple Bekily Madagascar. Masasi Blue Color Change Garnet, 1.50ctw. has eye clean clarity and fiery brilliance. Color Change Garnet gemstones are very interesting and beautiful gemstones. While the so-called Umbalite Garnets are very nice gems indeed, they are not a distinct garnet variety at all. Jul 1, 2012 - Masasi Blue Garnet - Extremely rare. These Garnets often have a hint of orange color mixed with the red. Blue garnet is a pyrope-spessartine garnet renowned for its color-change, which is very like that of alexandrite - the stone will appear purple under incandescent light, whereas in daylight it is blue to blue-green-grey. ... very rare 1.69ct Color Change Garnet gem Green Blue Purple CHAVIA Kenya WOW ova. Transparency: Transparent.