Deep Sea King was the battle between the C-Class hero Mumen Rider and Deep Sea King, a Demon-level mysterious being. His assistance in the fight against Deep Sea King enabled him to advance to B-Class thanks to a commendation by top C-Class hero Mumen Rider. Yes, definitely; Deep Sea King was not even against him with one arm. This is going to be an English fandub of the fight between Genos, Mumen Rider, Saitama, Sea King, and a few other miscellaneous heroes and characters in the evacuation shelter using scenes from episode 9 of the anime. Deep Sea King was the battle between the C-Class hero Saitama and the Deep Sea King, a Demon-level Mysterious Being. The Deep Sea King defeats Puri Puri Prisoner. Puri-Puri Prisoner challenges the Deep Sea King to a fight and powers himself up to "half power", which causes his sweater to rip, infuriating him. D&D Beyond MUMEN RIDER AND SAITAMA VS DEEP SEA KING!! misc. MUMEN RIDER AND SAITAMA VS DEEP SEA KING!!

3 years ago. D&D Beyond Genos literally kicked him around the room, up through the ceiling and then back down again one handed. Mumen Rider vs Sea King - it still gets me. List of fights involving Mumen Rider. Mumen Rider vs. misc. Saitama vs sea king epic punch (one punch man) english dub

Only class C Mumen Rider rides in. NOTES AND REQUIREMENTS:-I will be voicing Mumen Rider. That still doesn’t change the fact that Saitama has actually won a fight. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Upon arrival at the shelter, Mumen Rider attacks the Deep Sea King from behind.


Robbie Daymond, voice actor of the two characters, talked about his opinion on the subject. Hardboned. The attack appears to do no damage whatsoever to the Deep Sea King, but it quite possibly saved the life of a seriously injured Genos.

One Punch Man Episode 9 Reaction.

The Deep Sea King lands a hard blow on the hero's face, but Puri-Puri Prisoner strikes back in turn and follows the attack with an uppercut that sends Deep Sea King flying. ... An example of this is the fight against the Deep Sea King. While spouting frightened, high pitched babble, Max unleashes a lightning kick that barely stings Sea King. Mumen Rider vs Sea King - it still gets me. Thread Status: Not open for further replies. I think what's even more awesome about Mumen Rider's last stand against the Sea King is the reveal afterwards that Mumen Rider was actually still conscious after taking that punch, enough to be aware that Saitama defeated the Sea King and enough to hear Saitama's selfless act of defaming himself to give the other heroes credit.
On the rooftops, class A, rank 20, Lightning Max has his decision to fight ahead of backup made for him when the Deep Sea King appears behind him. Casting Call Club - Create voice work, casting calls, and audio projects.

The Sakuga was strong with this one! Audition for voiceover roles and find voice actors.

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I was reminded today of this scene, the most powerful in the series and possibly the most powerful in all of anime. 27-29 In the Dark Matter Thieves' story arc, he is unfazed by the telekinesis of a powerful esper, further displaying his resistance. r/mothersbasement: The official subreddit for Mother's Basement - a YouTube channel dedicated to in-depth video game and anime analysis … [AUDITIONS NOW CLOSED] ONE PUNCH MAN - Genos, Mumen Rider, and Saitama VS Deep Sea King Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Archived . Saitama & genos VS deep sea king - one punch man Animaester. In episode 9 "Unyielding Justice," Deep Sea King continues with … Kabuto was confirmed as a Dragon Level one. Sea King was only a demon level threat.
After Deep Sea King takes advantage of Genos' weakened state, the monster grabs Genos by the head and throws him into a …

Despite being heavily outclassed, Mumen Rider proceeds to battle with Sea King. 267. Saitama epic punch to sea king.

Both characters are consider to be heroes. Mumen distracted the monster long enough until someone stronger could come to defeat it. Sorry for the inconvenience. Explore "Mumen Rider" posts on Pholder | See more posts about One Punch Man, Animemes and Hong Kong

I don’t recall Saitama being any more powerful than 9-B when he still has hair. Mumen Rider using Justice Tackle on Deep Sea King. One Punch Man Episode 9 Reaction.

Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Saitama vs. Mumen Rider (OPM) vs Speedwagon (Jojo) Discussion in 'Outskirts Battledome' started by Hardboned, Jul 27, 2016. Mumen Rider is sent flying by Deep Sea King and is caught by Saitama, who arrives just in time to save him. Edit: Mumen Rider succeeding in … Messages: 629 Likes Received: 118 Trophy Points: 43 Joined: Jul 7, 2016 Reputation: Genos put up a good fight! Mumen Rider vs Tuxedo Mask. Based off of what he did to Genos he would give Sea King a heck of a fight in his base form.

Mumen Rider didn’t won in any fights (especially on-screen ones), last I’ve checked.