He needs to get the ball down the court with his head up, read the defence, decide on the best play to run depending on the opposing defence, and get his team-mates in the correct positions. The point guard must set up players with easy shots that suit their skills. by BallislifeSouth. Find a point guard (PG) with terrific work ethic, love of the game, coachable attitude, and solid fundamental skills, and you've got a key ingredient for a winning program. But becoming a complete point guard is a never-ending challenge.

11:01. They must be consistent and purposeful, thus helping teammates improve their play over time.

The point guard’s passes are on time and on target, and their soft vision helps find open players at just the right time. (See also Develop Explosive Basketball Court Skills.) The Best SHOOTER In the Country! Trae Young Makes 110 Three's During Training Session .

Find a PG who's lazy, has a negative attitude, is selfish with the ball, and lacks court skills, and … The point guard has a lot of things on his mind during the first 8 seconds of an offensive possession. How to Develop a Deadly Pull-Up Jumper | PGC Basketball