Read more about Kyanite crystal healing properties, with photo galleries and desktop image! It is a … The Divinatory meaning of Kyanite: You will have cause to speak your mind, but do not waste words on those who will not listen. Kyanite would help you keep your energy in a good condition. Kyanite derives its name from the Greek word kuanos meaning deep blue and used to be named Disthene meaning two strengths, referring to the different hardness of the perpendicular axes of each blade. It can vary in colour with the Fuchsite being white, emerald green to blue green and the Ruby being shades of red or pink. Most often it comes in blue, but also may be found in peach and black colors, and sometimes in association with Ruby. Kyanite has a meaning and properties of arranging the owner's energy neatly. Black Kyanite understands where one’s interests, skills and talents are hiding. Kyanite Divination. If your birthday falls in any of the following periods, a Kyanite of the color listed can be a valuable conduit to your Guardian Angel. The beautiful ranges of blues have such a depth and calming vibe while the reds give off a more energizing vibe. This beautiful crystal is made up of calming shades of blues, ruby reds, purples and subtle greens. Read more about Kyanite crystal healing properties, with photo galleries and desktop image! Kyanite Gemstone: Meaning, Properties, and Uses. Those who are fascinated by the mystical properties of gemstones will definitely appreciate the kyanite gemstone for its wide variety of uses and healing properties. It is a stone hailed and coveted by royalty of civilizations worldwide from ancient … Black Kyanite will also aid one in becoming more empathic; It’s strong vibrations will allow one to tap into the emotional field of others and allow a deeper understanding of these feelings. The Ruby aspect in Kyanite acts as a nurturing stone with healing and positive effects on the emotions. Blue is the most common, and is a stone that enables communication and energy transfer mind-to-mind, between the conscious mind and the dreaming mind (creating lucid dreams), and between the physical and astral body. Our energy could get disordered as we live our daily life.

Tumbled Ruby in Blue Kyanite from India. Kyanite Properties and Meanings Kyanite is an aluminum silicate mineral, usually transparent or translucent looking and with a pearly sheen. It creates pathways that heal by bridging blocks and aiding communication between disparate parts of the self, or between people. Ruby and Kyanite together is a strong powerful stone that combines the properties of Ruby and Kyanite into one stone. Kyanite Meaning.