Definition of Superimpose. 14 sentence examples: 1. : But if you don't have a stereoscope, an alternative way of seeing the 3D effect is to look at the two images side-by-side, then cross your eyes until the pictures superimpose. When the graphic artist makes the ad, he will superimpose the company logo over the product’s image so both objects are visible. Other paintings superimpose mundane objects on top of the color field.

Superimpose definition is - to place or lay over or above something. How to use superimpose in a sentence.

Precisely because tango music is devoid of drums it makes it a perfect vehicle for remixers to superimpose beats and drum patterns. Superimpose definition: If one image is superimposed on another, it is put on top of it so that you can see the... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples The signal and the local oscillator are superimposed at a mixer. You can superimpose the lettering directly onto one of your pictures. 3. Procul Harum superimpose on the Bach harmonies a vocal whose style derives fr It's difficult to see superimpose in a sentence . superimpose definition: To superimpose is to put something over something else. Examples of how to use the word superimpose in a sentence.

Superimposed on this is the motion due to the sound wave.

Examples of Superimpose in a sentence.

superimpose Sentence Examples Using Photoshop you can edit a picture's brightness or contrast, superimpose someone into a photo, adjust the color and hue, as … to put one image over another image so both are seen.

I think you ought to superimpose the great trust of mine on your heart. : Structure in a novel is something you discover, not something you superimpose. superimposed example sentences. 2. Sentence examples. How to use superimposed in a sentence. Shawn Wayans'face was also superimposed in the final scene. Example sentences with the word superimposed.

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