Henney said Wally could grow anywhere from 14 to 16 feet long and weigh 900 to 1,100 pounds. When Amanda Plummer was getting long in the tooth, you swept right in and screamed "I'LL BE CRAZY" in a warbling voice.

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Wally eats chicken wings and shares a 300-gallon plastic pond, indoors, with Scrappy, a smaller, younger alligator the family has also rescued. He is the nephew of Hanna-Barbera cartoon star Scooby-Doo.Scrappy has appeared in a number of the various incarnations of the Scooby-Doo cartoon series.

Wally also loves his 300-gallon pond which Henney has in the living room and which he shares with Scrappy, another gator who Henney rescued. Oh, Melora Walters. Unfortunately, said derriere belongs to Norlisa, Black Vulcan's girlfriend. Scrappy-Doo is a fictional Great Dane puppy created by Hanna-Barbera Productions in 1979 with the catchphrases "Scrappy Dappy Doo", "Lemme at 'em!"

Lennie Weinrib provided his voice for one season in 1979, and from 1980 … You've made a career out of playing "crazy woman." Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Wally acts as a bridge in the show between his parents and his brother, often translating parental communications into kidspeak for Beaver's benefit and keeping Ward and June informed of Beaver's feelings, plans, and whereabouts.

Wally, who is now 5 feet long, follows Henney and girlfriend Liz Caswell around the house, sleeping on “his” couch and lying in bed. In the mean time, Wally Gator's arrested for, well, for being a redneck, and it's up to Harvey to defend him.

and "Puppy Power!". Also "Rose Gator" is probably also the name of Wally Gator's girlfriend. Wally’s favorite programs to watch on television, of course, are Gator Boys and Swamp People. Claudia Wison Gator. He would later play the role in spin-offs.

She's ready to dump her fella for the arms of a small, green man, but can Reducto reciprocate?

Leave It to Beaver was actor Tony Dow's first dramatic experience.