There is nothing more endearing than gathering children around a Christmas tree, sharing stories and hanging up sparkling and beautiful ornaments.

In days past, rather than a single day of celebration, Christmas was a season that went on for weeks, with gift-giving, feasts and festivals. You can now truly make Christmas a lingering season of giving and sharing with the Creation to Christmas Around the Jesse Tree interactive story book.

Wanting to create an alternative to candy-filled trees and noting the lack of options on the market to choose from, Pamela decided to write her very own books with an interactive twist – accompanied by a set of complimentary ornaments she designs herself. Her passion is to inspire families and bring them together through faith-based interactive storytelling and sharing.

Creation to Christmas Around the Jesse Tree is an interactive, inclusive and inspirational book with 25 excerpts, each a short story that you can tell each day accompanied by a thought provoking scripture reference and a unique Christmas tree ornament.

Starting at creation and ending with the birth of Jesus, see the faces of your children light up as they discover the stories leading up to the most precious time of the year.

Experience Christmas anew daily as you guide them through each excerpt and help them hang the accompanying ornaments on the advent tree.

You can even create your own ornaments using the DIY suggestions included in the book.

Seeing each ornament go up and embellish the Christmas tree will create a festive atmosphere as they brighten your home and make your family eagerly look forward to each day’s story and reveal.

Hanging the ornaments and hearing these stories will be a fun family activity that’s also a great way for children to learn something new from the Bible each day.

Creation to Christmas Around the Jesse Tree could easily become a family tradition, a legacy of memories that can be handed down to the next generation and an incredible experience for children, teens, and adults alike. You’ll be surprised how hearing the stories and putting up the ornaments will bring out the child in everyone! Every ornament reflects timeless design and care, meticulously crafted to be as beautiful and durable as possible by accomplished author and artist, Pamela Nelson.

Bring your family together. Create cherished memories. Experience the advent like never before. Read, listen and discuss bible stories while decorating the tree. Help the Christmas spirit linger longer throughout the season while you enjoy Creation to Christmas Around the Jesse Tree.